Robert McNamara Finally Dies - Glad He Is Dead!

Another vile, Jew loving, money grubbing bastard has died. It has already been revealed that the 'Gulf of Tonken' attack NEVER HAPPENED.
This war-mongering swine was a main cog in the wheel for tens of thousands of our soldiers killed, and hundreds of thousands wounded .... not counting those returning from Vietnam who committed suicide. Another Harvard School graduate money grubbing swine. Making money off the dead and wounded bodies of our soldiers, not counting the massive suffering to prisoner of war and all the families of the soldiers lost.

They should burn the body of this dead bastard in a public square and others like him. Good ridence he is dead, I pray that he suffered greatly before he died.
Dr. James P. Wickstrom, D. Litt.

Robert McNamara dies

Former Secretary of Defence under John F Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson was the architect of the Vietnam war

Former US secretary of defence Robert McNamara has died. Photograph: Kimberly White/Corbis

Robert McNamara, the architect of the Vietnam war who later made a public reversal on the conflict and said it should never have been fought, died today. He was 93 years old.

As secretary of defence under John F Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson, McNamara was instrumental in pushing the US into war in Vietnam and managing the conflict, even as he acknowledged in private that he had doubts about America's ability to defeat the insurgent nationalists who had driven out the French.

McNamara left government in 1968, roughly midway through the war that would ultimately claim more than 58,000 American lives and more than one million Vietnamese lives. A former executive at Ford, he moved onto a successful 12-year run at the World Bank. (JPW - Well rewarded by the Jews who own the World Bank...i.e. war makes money for Jew bankers and Wallstreet)

In his memoirs and a 2003 Oscar-winning documentary, 'The Fog of War: Eleven Lessons from the Life of Robert S McNamara', McNamara described Vietnam as a mistake and said that he and others in the Kennedy and Johnson administrations never asked fundamental questions about its necessity and course. (JPW...more double talk after they made their Billions of dollars profit off the dead and wounded.)

Even four decades after the conflict, McNamara provoked bitter animosity among Vietnam veterans and the American left. "He was a tortured soul and really symbolic of the whole Vietnam era," said David Lamb, a journalist who covered the conflict for UPI. "His flip flop obviously caused huge amounts of resentment amongst the people who had fought the war. Here the man who was the architect of the war comes out in the post-war years and said it was a battle that shouldn't have been fought."

As an officer in the US army airforce during the second world war, McNamara, a graduate of Harvard Business School, applied statistical methods to the US bombing campaign in Japan. He greatly increased the efficiency and lethality of US air attacks, devastating the civilian populations of Japanese cities.
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