Mexican war now resembles the Vietnam war and closing in on the U.S.

As you read and watch the news article below relating to the massive drug war in Mexico, what is not being told to you, is that it resembles greatly the ... VIET-NAM WAR. Just replace the drug lords and hit squads with communist Viet Cong and North Vietnam regulars. You should hardly be able to see any difference in their mode of operations. All the massive killings, infiltration of police, politicians, and military fit right to a T. The drug lords are using the same form of intimidation the communists used in their war in Southeast Asia 35 - 40 years ago against our military in Vietnam. The tactics are exactly the same. BLOOD, SLAUGHTER, BRIBERY, WHORES, BLACKMAIL, MURDER, RAPE, AND TREASON!! It will flood over into the United States in greater degree very, very soon unless 'special U.S. military hunter teams' aided by gunships and satillites are sent in to totally decapitate all leaders and staff of the drug lords. If other members are captured, they should be put to death immediately. No questions asked. Done deal!

The only thing that the drug lords respect is them fearing to receive a greater and more brutal force of suffering and death than they give. There is no other solution, and it will only get worse as time goes on, until they take over all of Mexico and then move north into the United States and bring with them their way of inforcement of death and suffering against U.S, citizens enmass. Just replace Mexican drug lords, their men and women, ... with Viet Cong. Then ask yourself as to the 25 million illegal criminal Mexicans who are already here.
Dr. James P. Wickstrom, D. Litt.

AP – FILE - This Saturday, July 11, 2009,file photo shows police escorting Arnoldo Rueda, an alleged coordinator …

MEXICO CITY – It was the boldest, most widespread coordinated offensive ever mounted by drug traffickers against the Mexican government.

Within minutes of the weekend arrest of the La Familia drug cartel's operations chief, the gang launched deadly attacks in President Felipe Calderon's home state. In the worst, 12 federal agents were killed execution-style, their tortured bodies piled along a roadside as a warning for all to see.

The attacks following the weekend capture of Arnoldo Rueda spread quickly to at least 10 cities, including towns in two neighboring states. Officers' hotels were shot up. Grenades were tossed at police posts.

At least 18 federal agents and two soldiers were killed in the attacks and ambushes. Nearly two dozen officers were wounded.

Near the bloodied bodies of the 12 agents dumped in a heap Monday off a mountain highway near La Huacana was a message: "Let's see if you try to arrest another one."

It was a blatant challenge to Calderon, who has deployed federal police and troops in an attempt to halt the country's escalating drug trade.

Calderon insists that the backlash to Rueda's arrest proves the cartel has been hurt.

"The arrests of dangerous leaders by the federal government in recent months is seriously affecting their operations and generating chaos in their ranks," Calderon said. "Thus the violent and desperate reaction that we've seen these days."

Government critics said the offensive revealed that federal forces are unprepared for the battle against heavily armed crime syndicates with extensive intelligence networks embedded within police forces.
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