Obama Speaks At Black & Jew NAACP Against Whites

Better get a grip on yourself and understand how much the communists, Mr & Mrs. Barrack Obama HATE White people. America is being sold off and sold out by the same nest of JEWS who put the communist Mandela in power in once White South Africa. Obama is the JEW Mandela of the United States. Take your time and watch the YouTube's below as this high-stepping gangster, smoothtalker and enchanter from Chicago fires up the Blacks against the Whites.
Dr. James P. Wickstrom, D. Litt.

Illegal Alien, Black Racist Marxist Obama Issues Challenge to Black American Armies to Wage War Against God's White Race in Their Own Country


He Talked to the Crowd in Their Language, Quoting the
Negro National Anthem and battle cry of the
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