Marxist Communist Obama CRUSHED In Latest Poll

Thank you for taking the poll: Is President Obama a Socialist?. The poll results are listed below. Special note: The poll results may include data for questions that were not included on the poll that you took.

Is President Obama a Socialist? (51,598 Respondents)
What is your opinion of Barack Obama?
Favorable 8,244 (16.03%)
Unfavorable 43,179 (83.97%)
Do you believe Barack Obama is a socialist?
No, he's not a socialist. 7,297 (14.20%)
Yes, he's a socialist. 44,079 (85.80%)
Do you believe Republicans are right in describing President Obama as a socialist?
Agree 43,554 (85.09%)
Disagree 7,632 (14.91%)
Do you support President Obama's economic policies?
No 43,535 (85.14%)
Yes 7,601 (14.86%)
Do you agree with President Obama's plans to radically change our health care system?
No 41,814 (82.02%)
Yes 9,169 (17.98%)
Do you believe Obama's economic policies are helping or hurting the economy?
Helping 7,040 (13.69%)
Hurting 41,054 (79.83%)
Neither � keeping things the same 3,330 (6.48%)
Who did you vote for in 2008?
McCain 34,356 (67.78%)
Obama 8,455 (16.68%)
Other 7,879 (15.54%)
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