Better Get Ready Like The Jews Are

From A New York State Trooper, sent to me:
Dr. James P. Wickstrom, D. Litt.

Hi pastor Wickstrom:
Just thought I would mention that I heard from a good source that the special people (Jews) are arming themselves to prepare for their own little games. Sources went for Armed security training and was shown $3000 Belgian machine guns by jew who is stocking up on guns/ammo for a "big show". Seems he has all his quals in to teach various law enforcement classes and is a licensed gun dealer. Even though he got fired from the NYPD-or lets say he was forced to resign for misconduct.
Somehow Mr. kike ends up teaching all PD's all over NY about Homeland Security and is amassing lots of weapons and ammo. Aren't they just precious!
Also, old friend (CIA-retired) who is ailing says that the new bullets coming out will be of low quality and will be unreliable by the end of the year, maybe sooner. If you and yours have a good ammo supplier, it might befit you to take full advantage, within your means, while you can still get quality stuff. I think they are planning a September jamboree at our expense.
Regards and YAHWEH bless you with good health, and good aim!

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