Jews love these pictures of dead White people

This is the fiendish dream and hope of the Turko/Mongolian Jew mongrel race against all White Western European men, women, and children. This picture is what makes the JEWS foam at the mouth, especially the dead little White boys and girls. Is the picture real? Yes, it is.

In fact, it is a picture of conditions today in the United States. Dead carcasses laying around, not being buried, not burned in a crematorium as soon as possible. Why? Because the JEW bankers of the private 'Fed' (private Central Jew owned bank) have stolen all of the money from the U.S. Treasury ... and since Christmas night of 1913 they have controlled the circulation of money into the markets of the United States and charged hundreds of trillions of dollars of interest against the U.S. tax payers for doing so. Yet the 'Fed' has never been audited, nor paid one dollar in taxes for said theft as per banking corporation. What a JEW racket.

But Commie Obama has lots of money for his Jew banker buddies who put him into office of the President. Better get used to looking at this picture, because this same sight will be forthcoming all across the United States soon. Change? You are looking at it!!
Dr. James P. Wickstrom, D. Litt.

Dead Left Unclaimed Across the US: No money for burial

Compliments of "The Coming Depression"

Bodies stack up as California counts cost of funerals.

Bodies left unclaimed, cadavers stacked high in morgues and burial rates tumbling as loved ones cut funeral costs: the crippling recession is even haunting the dead across the United States.

In Los Angeles, the local coroner's office has witnessed an unprecedented spike in the number of corpses unclaimed by families who cannot afford the costs of a burial or cremation.

"The reason we are hearing from the families is the economic downturn," Los Angeles County Coroner's chief investigator Craig Harvey told AFP. "They tell us they don't have the means to afford funerals.

In the past 12 months, the coroner's office, which is responsible for handling bodies from homicides and suspicious deaths, carried out 36 percent more cremations than the previous year, jumping to 712 from 525. At the Los Angeles County morgue meanwhile, the cremation figure rose by 25 percent.

Cremations are usually carried out around one month after death if no-one from the deceased's family comes forward to claim the body. The ashes are then stored for two to three years before being dispersed in a communal grave. CONTINUE

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