Federal Reserve Bank Threatens Congress Of The United States

The private Jew owned and created 'FED' (Federal Reserve Banking Corporation, a private Central Bank not part of the U.S. Treasury) has now threatened the Congress because Rep. Ron Paul has gathered the support of the majority of the Congress to audit the private 'FED'. The Jews are angry and have lashed out in a wordily form of blackmail as the Jew always does. Screw the Jew and just abolish the Jew 'FED' ... arrest the bastards, try them and if found guilty of FRAUD and THEFT, then tar and feather them before hanging all of them.
The Jew created and owned (Class A stockholders, not including member banks) 'FED' has NEVER been audited, nor paid any taxes on the TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS of profit they have screwed the American taxpayers out of.
Dr. James P. Wickstrom, D. Litt.

Fed warns on Congressional scrutiny

By Tom Braithwaite in Washington

Published: July 9 2009

The Federal Reserve warned on Thursday that a growing congressional threat to curtail its independence would destabilize markets and raise the cost of servicing US debt for “current and future generations”.

Ron Paul, the Texas Republican, has gathered the support of a majority of the House of Representatives for a bill that would audit the Fed’s monetary policy decisions. He told a Congressional hearing he wanted the power to prevent the Fed being "secret and clandestine and serving special interests”.

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