When you first look at the picture below, one would think you are looking at the slums, either in communist South Africa or Zimbabwe. Needless to say, it is in Fresno, California, the land of fruits and nuts.

NO ONE wants to talk about the billions of dollars of taxpayers money that has paid all expenses for the MILLIONS of illegal alien criminal Mexicans who have wore out their welcome and helped bankrupt that once rich State in the last 25 years.

Let this picture burn into your memory, because that is what the Marxist communist Obama and the communist JEWS who put him in office want for all the United States and the masses, especially the Whites. Got your foodstuffs, water filtering systems, and protection put away yet? If not, time is fast running out for you. Remember, the best person to take care of you and your loved ones .... is YOU. And always remember to tell others as to who created this giant "financial crisis." The JEWS!!

Dr. James P. Wickstrom, D. Litt.


In Fresno, Calif., which has one of the country's highest concentrations of poverty, homeless encampments have formed.

Louis Gill doesn't like to turn anyone away. The director of the Bakersfield Homeless Center in California has taken to laying out cots and mattresses between the shelter's 174 registered beds to cope with the rush of homeless families brought to his doors by the financial crisis.

"Last year, we saw a 34 percent increase in homeless families and a 24 percent increase in homeless children," he said. "Why do we go beyond capacity? Because in a just society, a child should not have to sleep outside or in a car."

Gill is a frontline witness to the change in the makeup of the country's homeless. The stereotype of a homeless person as a single man no longer applies. A resident of the Bakersfield center is far more likely to be a young mother with a "good, solid job and a mortgage that she just couldn't pay." CONTINUE

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