White Parent Stands Up To School Board As To Favoring More Violent And Ignorant Black Students

The White masses in the United States, and now, especially in Springfield Township, Ohio, are sick and tired of their White children being discriminated against in favor of the more ignorant Black students. Actually, the Communist Marxist Obama opened Pandora's Box when he sided against the White police officer...and Obama has been stepping on his Communist mouth ever since, trying to convince the whole country "it isn't about RACE." Of course it is, and everyone knows it!! Take a few minutes and see what happened in Springfield Township, Ohio. I compliment the parent who stood up to the cowards on the School Board. I think you will like it the content, and listen carefully to the words spoken on the YouTube as to how Black student are in school.

Dr. James P. Wickstrom, D. Litt.

SPRINGFIELD TOWNSHIP, Ohio - Emotions ran high at the Springfield Local School Board meeting Wednesday night after a parent accused the high school of hosting an assembly that discriminated against white students.

The assembly targeted black male students. That group was picked after administrators looked at Ohio Graduation Test scores from that group of students

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