Commie Obama trying to raise a modern Communist youth 'Red Guard' in the Public Schools

The signs with the White hand shaking the Black hand is an old JEW Communist Internationale emblem. Obama is a Communist dog and a full-fledged Marxist. He is trying to copy the late butcher Chairman Mao's 'Red Guard' youth of Communist China by getting into the Public schools of the United States.

Dr. James P. Wickstrom, D. Litt.

Indoctrination Of 'Obama Youth' In Schools Accelerates.

President's speech is only one component of brainwashing activities that have been ongoing for the last year.

Paul Joseph Watson

Despite efforts to portray last week’s event as merely the President giving a speech to students, the full scope of what some education experts are decrying as part of an indoctrination program represents an advancement of the creepy, Orwellian, cult of personality- style worship of Obama and servitude to government being pushed in schools throughout America.

http://www.prisonpl indoctrination- of-obama- youth-in- schools-accelera tes.html

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