My echo's of warning per food and poisoned vaccinations are ringing off the walls

Is anyone still listening and hearing my echo's of warning not long ago regarding putting up some food for a very rainy day that is fast approaching? I would also suggest you consider purchasing my latest lecture (Sept. 19th) of 1 hour 10 minutes, in which I use visual aids warning you as to what is in store for the masses in the United States, including the vaccinations. The title is; "SENT TO WARN YOU." It's yours for $12.00 bucks (add $2.00 overseas) and I send it 1st Class Mail either to your P.O. Box or to your physical address. Remember, forewarned is forearmed. The life you save may be your own and the JEWS and their political lackeys in D.C. could not give a damn about you or your loved ones.
Dr. James P. Wickstrom, D. Litt.

Food Banks In Connecticut Struggling To Keep Pace With Demand

Foodshare Facility

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