Communist Obama Planning To Starve Masses Into Submission This Winter? You Tell Me!!

What you are about to read below, was written to my person in the form of a email by an individual I have known for almost 15 years. He is very involved in the area of Bio Diesel in Michigan and has "a lot on the ball" relating to this subject matter. I strongly suggest you read what he sent to me this day (Sept. 3, 2009) as to what he was told by 'government sources' as to what lies ahead in the very near future for Michigan and the rest of the country.

Have you got your pantry loaded up with food yet? Got your protection? Do you still actually believe that the Marxist Communist Obama is going to help anyone other than himself and the Communist Marxist Jews who put him in the White House? If you do... you have some real problems to face very, very soon.

Dr. James P. Wickstrom, D. Litt.


As you know, I am in the Bio Diesel business, I have been working very hard to create jobs in Michigan and have found it almost impossible to find funding for our project. As a result I have been attending some very high level meetings with community agency's to find suitable sites for construction of such a business and it has led me to certain information that I would like to share with those that read your emails and know what is going on.

Yesterday, Sept. 2, at a meeting in West Michigan, it was disclosed that thousands of people will begin to exhaust their unemployment benefits starting last month, this will increase each month until all the unemployed have exhausted their benefits. What does this mean?

This means that those of us that have been able to pay our bills and mortgages because our husband and/or wife has been working, and we cut back to the bone, and unemployment was paying the mortgage will no longer be able to do so, the foreclosure rate in the U.S. will begin to rise once more as we slip further into the undeclared depression of 2008.

The next 6 months will tell everyone the truth, the administrations of both State and Federal governments will not be able to keep all the balls in the air, the question is which ball will fall and what is in that ball.... schools, roads, S.S., Medicare, etc. you get the drift. So following that meeting I spoke privately with a State worker (very high up and connected) about this issue and he told me that it is going to get ugly.

So folks, its not just Michigan, its the whole U.S. and you need to hang on to your hat because the wind is just beginning to blow and the storm is looming outside your door. Remember, Congress could extend benefits which would prolong the emanate outcome, but if the country they are borrowing from stops loaning to the U.S. its all over but the tears.

Good luck to all.


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