The Three 'Woes' Of YAHWEH Getting Bigger With Every Passing Day

Never ending are my reminders to you to fill your pantries with as much excess food as you can afford.
The three woes that are already here and building in stature
every day are:

1. Famine
2. Violence
3. Plagues

They are not going to go away. Any who can we thank for these massive hardships
that have been brought against every man, woman, and child in the United States
and the rest of the White Western European nations of the world. The JEWS and
their counterfeit script worthless paper money system of usury and compounded
interest. All grief in all systems lead back to the JEWS. Let the article below
shine another light onto your understanding of SURVIVAL. Your JEW controlled
government is not going to feed you
when the crap hits the fan. They will use
FOOD to disarm you, having you trade food for your personal firearms. Meanwhile
they have vaccinations of sickness and death as well as a great increase in
VIOLENCE as living conditions get worse.

Dr. James P. Wickstrom, D. Litt.

"More and more families are waiting in lines overnight, coming out in high
heat, or traveling long distances in rural America just to get a meal or a box
of food.

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