What is a JEW 'Sayanium' you ask? Read and find out.

What is a JEWISH "Sayanim" you ask? It is a JEWISH underground organization that favors only JEWS in society 100% over the other Goyim (cattle) masses of people. You see, in the mind of the paranoid and crazed JEWS, only the JEWS are to get ahead, get the good jobs, get into the best of the universities. The Goy are just the stupid other races who the JEWS expect to do their dirty work. This Turk/Mongolian alien species of sub-human flesh called JEWS, are a total blight on any and all countries who allow them any kind of recognition in their society. JEWS are not YAHWEH God's 'chosen people,' they are instead the scourge of the world. They are an infection and cancerous cell living within a nation. They are truely the perfect social PARASITE.

Dr. James P. Wickstrom, D. Litt.


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