U.S. Airline Pilots On Food Stamps & 2nd Jobs To Survive

I think you had best read how the JEW banking system is busy at work destroying the lives and families of the airline pilots that are left flying, and the terrible cut in pay they have experienced, plus other negative facets in their lives. What a shame!! The JEW gangster banksters using their FED central bank (not part of the U.S. Treasury), plunder, steal, lie, and pig feed themselves financially... all to the ill of the masses. They always have and always will unless they are totally crushed physically, arrested, imprisoned, and then diminished in all aspects.

Communism is JEWISH and always has been, right from its creation, and always will be.

That includes the Falasha (mongrel) Black Communist JEW by the name of Barrack Obama in the White House.

Pilots on Food Stamps

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