Jew Goldman Sachs bank to pay each employee close to $700,000.00 this year

So who is really reaping the benefits of your tax dollars and living high on the hog? The JEWS couldn't give a tiddley-damn about you or your family. All they think about 24/7 is GREED and how to screw someone out of their money and standard of living. Imagine, each employee getting at least $700,000.00 a year? What do you get taxpayer? You get a royal JEW screwing, thats what you get. This is one of the 8 JEW banking families of the world that own the FED...and who grabbed your tax dollars via the stimulas ripoff to make sure, they in no way suffered financially. Imagine how many people got their 'pink slips' as to being fired from their jobs today!

Dr. James P. Wickstrom, D. Litt.

TODAY - October 16, 2009

JEW Goldman Sachs plans to pay each of its employees close to $700,000 this year.

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