Surely this article will get your attention. Well, maybe
not. Because you see, it isn't you or your family living in a
storage box yet. Still love the JEWS who have destroyed
your once great and prosperous nation? You know, the
same JEWS your minister tells you to L-O-V-E. Imagine,
being told to love the same filthy species that has gutted out
your life and entire future. Now... you are rewarded to
living in a shipping container or a tent. All grief and
suffering leads back to the JEWS. They control the $ and
they control your future, living in a shipping container. All
people who are not JEWS... are called "goyim," which
means CATTLE or ANIMALS to the JEWS. Now you got it,
Goyim animals living in a crate. You can also thank
you lying minister and priest for your new residence to.

Dr. James P. Wickstrom, D. Litt.

"These are not people in cardboard boxes.
These are the people next door."

The scene could be lifted from any suburban subdivision -- except that it's located not in a den, but in a storage unit.

Homeless students: Increasingly, families taking shelter anywhere they can
Homelessness rises, redefining living conditions for schoolchildren

To get into an apartment would take at least $1,000, she estimated. But even if the couple could scrape together that kind of money, their ordeal is complicated by two large dogs, including a Rottweiler -- a breed few landlords welcome.

"People say I should put the dogs to sleep ... but I wouldn't put down a family member just because they were inconvenient," she said, wiping away a tear. "If I do that, our whole world would crash."

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