Now let me get this right, the JEWS own all the Central Banks of all the Countries in the World (The JEW Rothschild Family).

They get to "print up" all the fiat paper money/cash, not backed by anything but a B.S. promise from their TREASONOUS TRAITOR politician puppets (To Tax the people), who gave the JEWS the "Legal" right to print the money in the first place out of Thin Air (100% unethical & immoral) and they get to spend it into existence first and buy "Hard Assets" like Land, Buildings, Gold, Silver, Cattle, Crops, Oil, etc., and now whole countries.

So all they have to do is CON-vince the people with the "Talking Heads" propaganda media on T.almud V.ision & their TREASONOUS TRAITOR politician puppets to take the paper money/cash, checks, credit cards in exchange for the Hard Assets. Then one day just declare that the paper money/cash, checks & credit cards are now worthless & the Country is Bankrupt & those jews holding all the "Hard Assets" FREE & CLEAR, then have all the True Wealth! Isn't that THEFT? Isn't that DECEPTION? Isn't that dealing in "Unjust Weights & Measures"? Isn't that LYING? Isn't that satanic? Aren't those "Trusted politicians" GUILTY of TREASON? Aren't those politicians also GUILTY of being TRAITORS? I wonder if they would try to take the Guns & Ammo from the people before they would pull the FINAL plug?

Naw, it couldn't happen in America, everywhere else in the world but not here, right? Do you think it might be time with this announcement by Peres about what the JEWS ARE NOW DOING to maybe WAKE UP? Do you think you should maybe WAKE UP your family & friends? Do you think you should buy GUNS & AMMO now? Do you think you should get your hard earned fiat paper money/cash out of the Stock Markets & Banks & maybe turn them into "Hard Assets"? Naw, there's PLENTY of time, right? PASS THIS AROUND EVERYWHERE NOW!!!

Pastor Bob Jones
Las Vegas, Nevada

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