Ahhhhh, the blessing to the United States with the JEWS in control of the money. The JEWS lining their pockets with the tax-payer stimulus money and deflating the pockets of the U.S. Citizens. It isn't the banks, it is the JEW controlled banking system called the FED which is not part of the U.S. Treasury. It is the JEW banking system of theft. THE SAME jew BANKING SYSTEM THAT CREATED THE MONEY CRISIS IN THE FIRST PLACE. If the JEW Federal Reserve Banking System is not crushed and destroyed, there will be no end to the suffering and demise to everyone in the United States. Tent cities are getting bigger by the day, and food pantries and food kitchens are all running out of food on a daily basis. Tens of thousands are losing their jobs every Friday. The JEW is the parasite of all parasites. All strings of despair, suffering, grief, and hardship lead back to the JEW who controls the money system in America.

Dr. James P. Wickstrom, D. Litt.

Jewry Puts 1 In 6 Americans In Poverty - Is It 40 Million — Or 47 Million?

"It's very difficult to determine who's in poverty based on the national one-size-fits-all"
Three happy money stealing JEWS!

WASHINGTON - How should poverty in America be counted? The Census Bureau uses a calculation that put the number at 39.8 million last year. But a revised formula that lawmakers are considering adds more than 7 million Americans to that number.

If the revised formula is adopted, a more refined picture of American poverty could emerge that would capture the everyday costs of necessities besides food.

A change also could upend long-standing notions of those in greatest need and lead to shifts in how billions of federal dollars for the poor are distributed for health, housing, nutrition and child care. CONTINUE

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