What you have seen accomplished in these recent elections in Virginia and N.J. is a very strong sign... that the masses do not want Obama's Communism in the United States. This you will not hear on the JEW controlled national news outlets. This election in my opinion ... was a very big slap in the face to the liberal JEW controlled Communist Democratic Party. The masses are rising up at this point in time, showing their total DISGUST relating to the Marxist Obama and his Communist agenda against the Rights and Freedom of the masses in the U.S.. Stay tuned in.... you haven't seen anything yet!!

Dr. James P. Wickstrom, D. Litt.

GOP sweep: Big governor victories in Virginia, NJ

AP – Republican Governor-elect Bob McDonnell waves to the crowd at his victory party in Richmond, Va., Tuesday, …
By LIZ SIDOTI, AP National Political Writer Liz Sidoti, Ap National Political Writer –

WASHINGTON – Independents who swept Barack Obama to a historic 2008 victory broke big for Republicans on Tuesday as the GOP wrested political control from Democrats in Virginia and New Jersey, a troubling sign for the president and his party heading into an important midterm election year.

Conservative Republican Bob McDonnell's victory in the Virginia governor's race over Democrat R. Creigh Deeds and moderate Republican Chris Christie's ouster of unpopular New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine was a double-barreled triumph for a party looking to rebuild after being booted from power in national elections in 2006 and 2008. Read More HERE

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