These are the representatives of our country???? I think I know what shame feels like! Is she the Pinata? She certainly looks like one! Great loss of the First lady's dignity. Too much trying to relate. Nancy Reagan and Laura Bush are probably laughing and crying at the same time. Don't know how the line of military kept straight faces.

Is she the Pinata? Looks more like a Halloween custom. it's pretty wild, bright, colorful, and COLORED! Not actual for the situation at hand to honor and welcome the Spanish Prime Minister. They were to attend an outdoor Fiesta Concert celebrating Hispanic musical heritage. Communist diversity... in color in the White House. Her hair looks like its right out of a Tarzan movie. There goes the neighborhood!
Dr. James P. Wickstrom, D. Litt.

Is she the pinata?

And she thinks she's the next Jackie Kennedy????

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