A death blow to America's small business. Another $2.3 BILLION of taxpayer money down the JEW rat hole. Being a financial institution, what else could it be. With CIT failing, the small businesses have no other direction to look for help, and thus, small businesses will fall like domino's all over the U.S.. The Communist JEWS will jump for joy. Remember, it was the JEW Rockerfeller who stated, that to be successful in business, was to totally destroy your competition. What better way than to totally remove all financial assistance for small business.
Getting better? Did not the Communist Obama say it is getting better? The recession/depression is over? What a pathetic liar and snake-charmer he is. What a total disgrace for this once great, honorable, and moral nation... to have such a evil and pathetic Marxist basket case sitting in the White House. And yet, the end has yet to be seen.

Dr. James P. Wickstrom, D. Litt.

For your information, this will get "up close and personal!!!" The tent cities and homeless will now grow faster. A "Merry Christmas gift" to the taxpayers from their elected and appointed criminals in government and from the JEW private Federal Reserve Banks and controlled lending (stealing) institutions. Steal a loaf of bread, go to prison. Steal our Nation's wealth, get promoted to higher Office! Where is Paul Revere when we need him? "To arms! To arms! The Yiddish are coming!" Hell, the Yid JEWS are here.
"The last official Act in every failing nation in history, has always been: for its rulers to loot the National Treasury and plunder the private wealth of its people!"
Is the above being done? Of course it is! Robbery requires two entities... one to unlawfully take the wealth of another, and one who is too careless or stupid to prevent it. The "stay stupid" masses in the United States appear to be in the latter category. The Founding Fathers understood that Governments do not deter crimes, they will more often promote crime! Is this happening? Of course it is! Thus, the constitutional limited powers of elected/appointed government, and the Bill of Rights to be retained by We the People was brought forth long ago. Crimes cease to exist when they are no longer tolerated by the People. Thus, the biblical admonition: "When you see a crime committed, your hand shall be first upon the perpetrator to bring him / her to justice." Where does it say; "Let the JEWS continue to loot and steal your hard-earned tax dollars from the U.S. Treasury?" Call 911? Those who refuse to rule themselves, will be ruled by tyrants, and that is exactly what is taking place.
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