The Jew Shylock's Nukes

The Jew Shylocks Nukes

It is said to have been written, that some foreign media reports say Dolphins [Dolphin-class Jew submarines] can fire nuclear-tipped cruise missiles -- and this is a very coy way of putting it.

Dolphin subs wouldn’t be the size they are, had they not carried all those cruise missiles, which, in their turn, wouldn’t make half or even quarter as much sense militarily, had these missiles not carried nuclear warheads.

The Dolphins are nothing if not, nuclear weapon platforms -- or, else, they’d be big holes in the military budget with far too little to justify their purchase.

And you might have heard how the Jew Shylocks went about shopping for them a decade or so ago: they paid for two of them -- with the money stolen from the poor old American taxpayers, of course -- and the “rich” Germans -- (Oi vey, Holocaust-shmolocaust, you owe the Jews so much blood-money!) -- threw in the third one for free!

And now, having extracted all of this money and military hardware like so many pounds of flesh, these Jew Shylocks are sending a “message” to the Iranians that their pound of flesh is due, as well! Brilliant!

Imagine what Shakespeare would have written about Shylock the usurer Jew, had he known half as much as we do today! I don’t think there’d be any of this “Do we not bleed…”

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