The JEW Communist Murdering Machine Against Tens Of Thousnds Of White Polish military Officer During W.W. II.

What you are about to see below, is how the Jew Communists slaughtered and murdered tens of thousands of White Polish Military Officers during World War II. No camps, no gas, just a bullet. I would imagine that once a commie (like Obama) and thinking like other commies, perhaps this is the solution that Communist Marxist Obama and his commie goons like Pelosi and Reid in D.C. has in store of anyone who resists the JEW Communist 'One World Takeover' of the United States.

Only those who refuse to understand history, are those who allow it to be repeated. I refer to these people as 'The Stupid People.' Communism is JEWISH no matter where it is in the world, including the united States of America, and Obama is an evil Communist mongrel bastard who DOES NOT like Whites or what our Founding Fathers created for our offspring, just as those Jew murderers of the Poles in the YouTube below. Watch it all. Take a damn good look, and don't forget what you saw. That is why Obama and his goons want the guns.
Dr. James P. Wickstrom, D. Litt.

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