If you have to eat to live, then YOU had best read this article

Food prices have never stopped rising at a very fast rate of speed ever since I warned you to start filling your food pantries not long ago. Some listened, but the majority just went about their business of staying ignorant of the fact, that hyperinflation was hammering on their lifestyle. Not did just the cost of foodstuffs go up, but the quantity of foodstuffs in packages shrunk. The buyer was catching it on both ends. As the Jew Federal Reserve Note (not part of the U.S. Treasury) gets more worthless with every passing day ... it is just a matter of time when the bottom of the crisis box has to give way.

Below is an article that should move a bit more of you to go out and buy some more FOOD and have it in stock for a rainy day, whatever that rainy day amounts too. Chaos is in the United States to stay. It is not going to go away. A crisis is already upon the masses, and the masses are groping in the dark wondering what is happening to them. The answer is very simple... Obama's Communist Marxist government is taking over the
country at a very alarming rate of speed. Government control of everything, and that includes YOU. If you do not have to eat to stay alive, then don't read the article below. But if you do have to eat to live....then I suggest you read the article and then make sure that you go and buy some FOOD to stay alive for what is going to happen soon in the United States.
Dr. James P. Wickstrom, D. Litt.


In recent days, numerous stories detail crop and livestock damage. Drought, floods, hail and freezes have bitten our foods, but whatever the cause, the result is the same — destroyed or damaged food supplies. These ultimately lead to higher store prices, shortages and in more extreme circumstances, rationing. California and Texas – America's two main food producing states – are experiencing severe, ongoing drought. California is suffering through a 4th straight year of horrendous water shortages, which has impacted every single crop it produces. See California's Vital Role in Food Production for an eye-opener of what this states brings to your table. Parts of Texas are experiencing the worst drought ever and fears are surfacing that it may be here to stay. Extreme drought is impacting everything that Texas produces.

Marketing economist Dr. Mark Welch expects drought to cut Texas' corn crops by 45%, sorghum by 69%, and wheat 62%.
Cotton fields are so dry they're being abandoned. These aren't the only foods in trouble. Vegetables, horticulture plants, peaches and their world famous pecans have also taken severe hits. April freezes wiped out some Texas grapes leaving wineries in tough shape.

Drought in Wisconsin has pushed farmers to the edge and where it hasn't destroyed crops and livestock outright, crops are at least 3 months behind. In Iowa, hail losses try farmers' hearts.

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