Vanity, Vanity ... Starvation, Crisis, and Mr. Death Awaits!

Have I not written to you a few years ago, as to ... 'The Coming Starvation' in the United States and in the world. Think that there are not people starving already in the U.S.? Yes there are. Hundreds of thousands. Have not I asked, told, and pleaded with you to store your pantries full of foodstuffs and water while either the food and bulk water is available via availability or affordability?

Some hearkened to my warnings, others scoffed and thought themselves smug and secure that the supermarkets would never run out of food. As if the supermarkets themselves were growing the food in the back room. In a great crisis, who is to say or even allow you to enter a food market to get mainstays? There are less HONEY BEES this year than last year. What is going to pollinate the fruits and vegetables? Vanity, vanity ... and the blind shall all fall into the pit of destruction..
Dr. James P. Wickstrom, D. Litt.

The people are doomed!

Jeremiah 44:16
"We will not listen to the message you have spoken to us in the name of YAHWEH"

The Real Crisis Is Food: Beginning of the Bull for Agriculture

The real crisis is coming… and it’s coming fast.

Indeed, it started last year, almost entirely off the radar of the American public. While all eyes were glued to the carnage in the stock market and brokerage account balances, IRA's, Iraq, and AfgAfghanistan far more serious crisis began to unfold rocking 30 countries around the globe.

I’m talking about food shortages. Haven't you noticed how much smaller the packages of food has become and you are paying the same price as when you got bigger packages with larger quantities? Doesn't anything sink in? This is called 'hidden hyper-inflation'.

Aside from a few rice shortages that were induced by export restrictions in Asia, food received little or no coverage from the financial media in 2008. Yet, food shortages started riots in over 30 countries worldwide. For example, in Egypt people were actually stabbing each other while standing in line for bread. Since last year, the food shortages has gotten worse than last year. Obama will not stop at giving your food to other starving people.

Do you think for one minute that the 25 MILLION illegal criminal Mexicans with machetes, or Black gang bangers with knives and guns, or armed White trash will stand in line and wait for a sandwich or cup of soup? Ha!! You are continuing to see the United States implode right in front of your face, and most of you do nothing to save yourselves. I no longer even pity you.
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