Obama The Liar & Deceiver In Egypt

Bullcrap from the Grotto - Obama at the Cairo University
by Matthew Delooze on 6 June, 2009

Bullcrap from the Grotto - Obama at the Cairo University

The Puppet Barak Obama in a Temple (or is it just a pathetic Grotto?)

Hello folks,

It is no secret to regular readers of my stuff that I have mentioned Obama’s rise to power and the symbolism and temple like buildings he has been worshipped in on the way.

I mentioned his sun symbolism when it first appeared at the summer solstice.

I mentioned the occult victory symbolism he was placed around as he was paraded around the world.

I wrote a major essay about his victory celebration too.

Indeed I have wrote numerous small news items about him too and it came to no surprise to me when I looked at this man again the other day, whilst doing other research and writing for oneball, and saw the same scam going on.

Again I saw this man being a massive ‘pied piper’ whilst literally being worshipped again, this time in the Cairo University.

Chants of ‘Obama Obama’ filled the ‘Grand Hall’ inside the university. There is something hidden in the name ‘Barak Obama’ and I don’t mean his initials mean he smells either.

The building had all the classic hallmarks of another replica ancient temple that had been built to ancient geometric specification. It even has the forum gossips favourite classics, the Dome and the Obelisk.

A classic replica ancient temple the Cairo University and of course Obama cannot go anywhere without a victory obelisk close by because it symbolises his God.

Not forgetting the Freemasonic cosmetics either...

I’m not going to rant on about the buildings simply because the information about this scam has been reported many times by myself and the three examples I linked at the beginning of this news item will tell you all you need to know.

I will tell you that Obama played pied piper to BILLIONS to people around the world and their minds were focused on this temple and the symbolism displayed both on the temple itself, the symbolism inside the Grand Hall and obviously the symbolism carried by the great blessed Obama, the Serpent Cult stooge, himself.

Oh,and let me tell you that there was some confusion and wonderment as to why Obama chose this University to deliver his speech.

They spruced up the temple before Obama sprouted from it.

I’ll tell you now, it’s because this building was planned to be an official Sun Temple over a hundred years ago.

How do I know? Because ‘it’s foundations were laid on the 21st December’ that’s why. It's literally an official sun temple created at the winter solstice or should I say it's a deceptive 'Bullshit Grotto'?

I sit back in uncontrollable laughter at the sheeple of this world. I laugh even more at the conspiracy biz muppets that are trying to show you the truth whilst all the time being also connected to the same Grotto.

Anyway this agent of deception, 'Obama Obama', stands in a sun temple pretending he’s in touch with the three major phony religions that enslave mankind and he seeks peace between Jews and Muslims and Christians and Muslims whilst the Cult that he is a member of, the Serpent Cult, create mayhem and murder around the globe.

Whilst he does this billions of people literally worship him. No wonder I laugh.

Never forget what I said last year before this marionette was placed in his white house.

'Meet the New Puppet - Same as the Old Puppet'.

'I swear by my mighty god that i will lie, decieve, murder and sacrifice little children'

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