Car Already Running ONLY On Water... ready to go.

Whats the big 'gig' about an electric car, when a car has already been developed that runs ONLY on .... water!! Yup, and I have never seen this exciting news reported in the U.S. myself. Energy and oil problems? And if a car can run on water..... how about making electrictity? Like mounting individual units on homes that run on water? No pollution either. simple of a question, right?
Dr. James P. Wickstrom, D. Litt.

Another read-to-go replacement for the gasoline (i.e.
toxic waste) fueled automobile.
Good luck finding one.

The existence of this oil industry busting Japanese car has never been reported in the US or Europe.
I only stumbled on it on an Asia-only Reuters news feed from 2008.

- Brasscheck

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