Nearly 60% of Negroids Will Not Graduate At South Side School No Matter How Old They Are

Here we go again, the poor black children. Have any of you ever read the book titled; 'The Bell Curve'? Get it and read it. The average I.Q. of the black student is 75. Did you get that? Let me place that number again for you .... 75. You can spend all the billions and trillions of dollars you want on black education .... and 75 is your average. That's it, even if the 8th grader is 17 years old or more.

Dr. James P. Wickstrom, D. Litt.

Nearly 60% of Negroids Won't Graduate At South Side School.

44 Of 77 Negroid Students At Bradwell Elementary Did Not Pass Eighth Grade.

A startling number of Negroid children are falling through the cracks at one Chicago Public School. More than half of the kids didn't even pass the eighth grade. As CBS 2's Jim Williams reports there is fierce debate about who's to blame.

It is a debate that has gone on for years in poor communities: do you blame the schools for the Negroid students' poor performance or do you blame the average 75 I.Q. that the world studies of Negroids all over the world?[THE BELL CURVE]

The Negro mother of a one student who failed eighth grade says she got no warning her son was struggling. The school says she was notified, and other parents insist she did not do enough..
Negroid, Tatianna Dennis' son, Tarrell, took his eighth grade photo complete with cap and gown, but the day before his grammar school's graduation, Tarrell learned he would not be marching down the aisle.
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