If this isn't from some garbage minded JEW, I don't know what is. The JEW communist in their lust for dirt and filth, love to destroy anything and anyone who is of a good moral character. World JEWRY has no morals, they just have planned destruction of all that is good, moral, and descent. The White race has best get out of their vapor-locked mindset and start to correct this type of insanity instead of just sitting on their thumbs. That is... if you truly love your children. Do you?

Dr. James P. Wickstrom, D. Litt.

A Christian organization in Maine is asking its constituents to protest a state proposal that would give boys who call themselves girls full access to girls' restrooms, locker rooms and cheerleading squads.

The Christian Civic League of Maine said in a statement the "latest demand by the homosexual lobby is quite intolerable, having sunk to the level of an impossible absurdity." "Gay activists are now demanding that their own private mental delusions about sex be accepted as public policy.

By issuing this demand, radical homosexual activists are asking all of us to participate in a form of collective moral insanity, a mass delusion spread by the homosexual lobby and their misguided – and perhaps malevolent – enablers in Augusta," the group said. LINK
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