I am led to believe, as has been projected by financial institutions, that in the year 2010, there will be another 6 MILLION home foreclosures. If you take an average of 4 people to a home .... 2 adults and 2 children, this equates to 24 MILLION people who will no longer have a home to live in. Bear in mind, that the way people lose their homes.... is because they lose their jobs, and thus, do not have the income to make their home payment. As long as Communist China has 15 million of our past manufacturing jobs... who cares, right?

Comrade Marxist Obama lies to you daily that "things" are getting better. Really? And what "things" is he speaking about? More plundering of the U.S. Treasury by the stealing and lying JEW bankster gangsters and JEW insurance companies? As it was in the time of Daniel the prophet, AS TO THE WRITING ON THE WALL, that same writing is on the wall of the U.S.. That writing on the wall relates to some extremely hard times fast coming in the year 2010. And just a little reminder.... the commercial debt 'bubble' is due and will be added to the 6 million housing foreclosures in 2010. Folks, there is no light at the end of the tunnel. There is just JEW lies and b.s. coming out of Comrade Obama's mouth once again.

The terrible hardships of today in the U.S. can be totally traced back to the corrupt JEW created and owned private Central Bank call the Federal Reserve Banking Corporation (the FED), which IS NOT part of the U.S. Treasury. All debt, grief, suffering, hunger, hardship, home foreclosures, loss of jobs, illegal foreign wars..past a present, and even the theft and looting of the U.S. Treasury is to be laid at the feet of the JEW 'Fed' and of the money JEWS themselves. And...the food kitchens and food warehouses to help feed the needy all across the U.S. are almost empty, and Winter is just beginning.

Dr. James P. Wickstrom, D. Litt.

"We're bracing ourselves, we're preparing ourselves for it to be worse,"
"We are seeing people who have no survival skills for homelessness,"
Suburban homeless population grows; shelter crunch worsens.
Network of nonprofits stretched thin with winter approaching.

But surveys don't capture the grim truth on the streets and at shelters -- emergency beds are scarce. From Chicago Heights to Waukegan, demand has outstripped supply, with shelters resorting to lotteries and free bus passes out of town to handle the overflow.
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