When the abomination of desolation sits in the 'high places,' know that YAHWEH'S wrath and the end is near. This is what happens when you allow an alien species of people called JEWS to live among you to pervert your culture and civilization. And if not 'her' then we are not to allow those who are not of us (Blacks) to live among us or rule over us. Either way, this "election" is an abomination in the eyes of YAHWEH, Almighty God. Our White ancestors must be spinning in their graves at such a sight and happening. How ashamed they must be of the United States today.

Dr. James P. Wickstrom, D. Litt.

Houston voters could elect first openly gay mayor

AP - Saturday, December 12, 2009 By MONICA RHOR

Early returns show a slim margin between the two candidates in the hotly contested Houston mayoral election Saturday, in which the city could elect its first openly gay mayor.
With just over 98 percent of the early and absentee ballots counted, City Controller Annise Parker had 51 percent of the vote to former city attorney, Gene Locke's 49 percent, according to the Harris County election Web site. Ballots cast Saturday had yet to be counted. Gene Locke is a Black man.
The election battle leading up to Saturday's balloting was marked by fierce campaigning and anti-gay rhetoric. Parker's a lesbian who has never made a secret or an issue of her sexual orientation. If she wins, Houston will become the largest U.S. city to ever have an openly gay mayor.

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