Have you ever noticed, there is never a JEW organization against the homo's or queers? How come? Well, Communism is JEWISH... and almost all of the homosexual agenda against the children is a Communist plot to destroy all morals and values of the children. and don't give me that "good JEW, bad JEW" garbage. A JEW is a JEW as a beer is a beer. Wake up to the Christ murderers... wake up to the anti-Christ (YAHWEH) Communist JEWS. Did not the JEWS say; "Let His Blood be upon us and our children?"

Dr. James P. Wickstrom, D. Litt.

Another JEW Communist/Globalist Aim

The intent of softening up organized resistance against homosexual teachings in our schools is well under way. Below is the imposition of the homosexual attack. Other attacks are simply criminal, but the attack through sodomy is the most vulgar of all.


December 2009 ed. 01 missionamerica.com

Community Organizing Our Youth for the 'Gay' Agenda Linda Harvey GLSEN indoctrinates, while gentle voices of truth persevere... It’s Tuesday in November in White Plains, New York and time for the annual PrideWorks conference. School buses packed with middle and high school students drop off load after load at the Westchester County Center, where the marquee displays the event’s rainbow-enhanced logo. On the sidewalk stand two well-dressed, polite women who hand out flyers to students as they exit the buses. The message? “There’s another way, one full of hope.” Why would these kids need such encouragement? Because they are about to listen to authoritative but misleading voices of decadence, bigotry, sexual confusion and anger, disguised as “freedom” and “civil rights.” And there are even community organizing influences, false faith and radical politics thrown in for good measure.

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