Obama the Falasha Marxist Jew and the Chicago rally against him that the national news media blacked out.

Here is one of the signs in a massive rally AGAINST the Communist Marxist Obama held in Chicago, Illinois, exposing Obama. And it took place right in the center of Obama's alleged strength. This sign is one of hundreds that people carried and was shown. Others related to Obama's already reign in Washington, D. C. as MARXIST (Communist).

Obama is a "mutt" by blood. Born of a Black and Jewess. These type of people are called "Falasha Jews." Or Jews either showing as Black, Asian, or Mexican. Even Jew blood mixed with Mid-Eastern nations. But a Jew is a Jew no matter how one cuts the mustard! Obama can call himself whatever he wants, but he is a Falasha Jew. He loves the Jews and Blacks and will put the screws to the Whites in the United States as much as he can.
Dr. James P. Wickstrom, D. Litt.

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