Obama And His Love For Homosexuals!!

The Communist Marxist Obama is following the Communist Party plan to destroy the United States from within, by infesting his political agenda upon the masses in the U.S. with homosexuals in high places. One of the Planks of the Communist Party in 1960 was to spread homosexuality into America's society and degrade the morals and ethics of the America people to accept anything vile and filthy among individuals.
This Communist Plank has been achieved, and Obama the Commie is furthering yet the Communist plan inside the United States. Please take your time to see and listen to the YouTube presentation as to what is being exposed as to Obama the Red and homo lover. Please share with those you know would like to know this info. And by the way, where is your Church Minister, Pastor, or Priest as to speaking out against this filth? Thank you!

Dr. James P. Wickstrom, D. Litt.

Obama And his Love For Homosexuality

Manning: Obama is a Homosexual
I'm willing to die to expose that Devil Obama

How Obama set the tone for a quiet revolution in gay rights With two lesbians shortlisted for America's supreme court and more than 30 gay men and lesbians appointed to senior posts by the president, the US is witnessing an unprecedented cultural change that is reshaping politics, media, and popular culture

Pamela Karlan, a professor of law at Stanford Law
School, is among an increasing number of public
figures who have put gay America on the map.

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