Posse Comitatus

Over 85% of all associates of the Posse Comitatus of the united states are war veterans of either W.W.II, Korea, Vietnam or Iraq.
WE HAVE NOT given up our oath as soldiers and protectors of these united states of America to war against enemies abroad and WITHIN the borders of these united states. Congressional Posse-Comitatus Act of 1878 by U.S. Congress of these united states of America.
The Sheriff of their respected Counties have the authority to deputize all males of their County, 15 years of age and older to provide protection for the entire County in which they reside to stop any type of insurrection and/or felonies. County Sheriff's ARE NOT under the authority of the President of the united states during the time of a national emergency, and CAN NOT BE REMOVED FROM OFFICE by any Presidential Executive Order per Law of Posse Comitatus of the united states of America...Act of Congress of 1878.
The Sheriff is to be obeyed and respected ONLY if he is a God fearing believer and son of Yahshua/Christ that has been voted into power by the citizens of the respected county where he resides. Further he is to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America and not to answer to 'corrupt' [domestic enemies] outside of his jurisdiction. If you find that your Sheriff is in default of this, then he is to be removed from office by whatever means necessary.
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